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CAM Walker Boots

We stock a complete range of CAM boots and professionally fit them for you

Our CAM Boot / Walkers immobilise the foot and ankle to decrease pain and swelling, promoting faster healing following injuries or surgical procedures.  Our CAM Boot Walker features a rocker sole for added comfort and ease of ambulation, as well as a non-slip sole to protect from slips, providing additional security in each step. 

Our CAM boots are designed for a wide range of issues, providing much needed support and immobilisation for sprained ankles, recovery from Achilles tendon surgery or broken ankle / foot bones as examples.  Any ailment that requires support and immobilisation to optimise recovery time will benefits from one of our CAM / Medical boots.

Our CAM / medical boots use Velcro closures so can accommodate changes in swelling following an injury, providing a more custom fit.  The metal interlocker provides increased strength and durability, while the breathable moisture liner and medical-grade foam foot bed increase comfort. 

We educate you on using your CAM Boot so you get the most benefit when wearing it

We provide a thorough education session when you are fitted for your CAM Boot Walker so you know you will be using it correctly and getting the most benefit out of it.  For instance, we advise you that it's important to wear a shoe of matching heel height on the opposite side to the CAM Boot Walker.  This is because the CAM Boot Walker / Medical Boot heel is reasonably thick, and if you walk around lop-sided for several weeks it’s common to develop some hip and back pain.  

We charge $119 plus consult fee for our CAM Boots to be professionally fitted and education to provided - a smart investment to ensure you are getting the CAM Boot set up correctly for your circumstances so you get maximum benefit from wearing it.

cam walker boots

Provide support for the foot and ankle during ambulation and immobilising the ankle joint.

We stock a complete range of CAM boot walkers so you know that we have your size in stock.  Call us today on (03) 9457 2336 or schedule an appointment online today for a fitting.  We will ensure the right size and fit and provide you with professional advice on wearing the CAM boot.