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BS Brace

Looking for a painless alternative to ingrown toenail surgery?  The BS Brace is here!

One of the most common foot health issues we see at Bellevue Podiatry is people suffering from ingrown toenails.  Ingrown toenails can be a debilitating ailment that often impacts someone's quality of life - just putting on a pair of shoes can be a very painful experience.  

In more serious cases, people typically require ingrown toenail surgery to resolve the issue so they can return to a pain-free life.  This surgery is simple, safe and effective, however it does require an injection of anaesthetic so a sharp scalpel can be used to remove the offending section of ingrown toenail.  A lot of people hate needles and don't like the thought of a scalpel being used to remove a small section of their toenail.  This is the problem the BS Brace solves.

The BS Brace is a simple, painless and effective alternative to toenail surgery that has been used successfully all over the world for the last 30 years.  If you have an ingrown toenail and are looking for a painless solution, the BS Brace could be the answer for you.

Sounds good right?  Here's how it works...

bs brace

Step 1 - Apply BS adhesive across the surface of BS Brace on the side that will be stuck to the nail.

bs brace melbourne

Step 2 - Apply BS Brace and lightly press the end of the BS Brace onto the nail for ten seconds.

bs brace rosanna

Step 3 - Wipe with BS Cleaner to remove the dark metal lacquer so toenail is clean.

bs brace rosanna

Step 4 - Use BS adhesive to seal nail. Once sealant is dry, you can go back to normal daily activities.

How long does it take to fix my ingrown toenail?  And how much does it cost?

As you can see from the above photos, the procedure is quick and painless - only taking the length of a standard consultation to apply.  Over the coming weeks, the BS Brace will painlessly pull the troublesome toenail back into the correct position and "train" it to stay there so the problem doesn't come back when the brace is removed - it's simple and it works!  All patients are different, but typically a person can notice a discernible level of pain relief in the first 30 minutes. 

The patient will need the BS Brace replaced every four weeks until the ingrown toenail has grown out - again, depending on the patient this may typically take between 1 - 3 applications.  Each application of the BS Brace costs just $55 for the brace plus consultation fee - a cost-effective and pain-free alternative to ingrown toenail surgery. 

If you have an ingrown toenail, but shudder at the thought of toenail surgery, then the BS Brace is for you.  Don't put up with the pain of an ingrown toenail any longer.  Call us today on (03) 9457 2336 or book online to take the first steps towards a pain-free life.

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