Clearanail: Frequently Asked Questions

Clearanail FAQ

Clearanail Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clearanail?
Clearanail is a nail drill that utilises leading edge technology to safely and effectively treat fungal nail.  Please refer to our Clearanail service page for further details.

What is a Fungal Nail?
Fungal nail (known as Onychomycosis) is the same fungal infection as Athlete’s Foot, which has become established under the toenail and is difficult to successfully treat through conventional methods (i.e. applying anti-fungal nail solutions directly to the surface of the nail).

Why is Fungal Nail difficult to treat?
Anti-fungal solutions applied to the nail need to penetrate the nail.  Conventional nail paints often fail because they can't break through the tough barrier of the nail and kill the nail fungus growing underneath.

What is special about Clearanail Treatment?
The Clearanail treatment safely drills barely visible micro holes through the nail, to allow anti-fungal medication to reach the infection.

How big are the holes?
Very small, they are 0.4 mm in diametre (about the same width as four human hairs).

Does it hurt?
No, you usually won’t feel anything at all because the device uses leading edge technology to ensure that it does not touch the sensitive nail bed under the nail.  It does this by detecting changes in nail density and stopping immediately when required.

How many treatments are required?
We will only need to make the holes once, but we will want to see you for one follow up appointment to ensure that the treatment is successful.

How long does the treatment take?
Approximately half an hour to make the holes and apply the anti-fungal solution.

How is the anti-fungal solution applied?
The anti-fungal solution is simply sprayed onto the nail once the holes are drilled.

Does the anti-fungal solution use strong chemicals that I may have a reaction to?
No, once the holes are drilled into the nail, the anti-fungal solution can now easily reach the nail fungus.  Terbinafine, a common anti-fungal drug is used which will kill the fungus living under the nail.  This is an anti-fungal treatment found readily at all chemists and can be bought over the counter.

How quickly will it work?
A visible improvement will usually be seen in the nail by the four week mark and continue to get better from there.  The nail fungus will need to grow out of your nail to be completely gone, (which is the same for any successful treatment e.g. laser therapy, oral tablets) so it depends on how much of your nail is infected.

How long is the treatment period?
The spray may be applied for up to three months by yourself at home.

How much does Clearanail cost?
The Clearanail treatment itself costs $220 plus a consultation fee.  As mentioned, this is a one off treatment and does not require multiple treatments like laser therapy typically does.

How do I know if Clearanail is right for me?
Please call our Reception today on (03) 9457 2336
and ask to book in for our special offer of a no gap consultation to confirm if Clearanail is right for you, or alternatively book online.  If we believe Clearanail will successfully treat your nail fungus you can book in for the treatment at your earliest convenience - you have nothing to lose but your fungal nail!

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