Claw Toes

Claw Toes

Do you find it difficult finding shoes that don't rub on the top or your toes?  

Hammer, mallet and claw toe deformities are all terms used to categories the misalignment of the smaller toes of your foot.  Depending on which joint is bending will depending on which deformity you have.  They usually start as a soft tissue deformity and are easily straightened with a bit of force.  Over time this may lead to a more fixed deformity which is more difficult to address.  Try it now... stand up and see if you can straighten your toes?

Why do I have this problem?

There are many different causes of claw toes:

  • Inappropriate footwear:
    • Shoes that are too big can lead to your toes clawing to hold the shoe on to your foot;
    • or shoes that are too tight can lead to your toes being squished into the end of the shoe
  • Nerve changes from diabetes, alcoholism etc may lead to retraction of the toes
  • Compensation for biomechanical issues (stabilising the foot, weakness of core foot muscles)
  • Bunions often lead to clawing of the 2nd toe

What treatment options will work for me?

Many people attend our clinic initially because they want a painful corn on the toe removed.  For immediate relief we remove the corn or callus and use different offloading or cushioning techniques.  However if we don't remove the underlying cause of the corn then it will return.  Usually this underlying cause is that shoes put pressure on the clawed toe and the body puts down more skin to protect itself.  

There are many different treatment options available including both conservation and surgical options.  The underlying cause must be addressed in order to properly manage the clawing.  Treatment options include:

  • Footwear changes
  • Removal of corns and padding options
  • Strengthening of core foot muscles
  • Orthotic therapy

We strongly recommend NOT purchasing corn pads as these can lead to damage of surrounding healthy tissue and damage the very close by structures (bone, tendon) underneath the corn.  If conservative therapy doesn't not work then surgery can be explored with a podiatric or orthopaedic surgeon.

You don't need to put up with claw toes causing you uncomfortable walking any longer.  Call us today on (03) 9457 2336 or book online and let us get you back on your feet and walking pain free again!