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Orthotic therapy

What is an orthotic?  Can it fix my heel pain? How do orthotic therapy help?

An orthotic is a device that sits inside your shoe which is designed to support and assist the foot and lower leg muscles to work more effectively.  They commonly are made of a plastic like material called polypropylene or a soft material called EVA.  Orthotics are often referred to as innersoles or arch supports.  Orthotics can be prescribed to help alleviate and prevent foot, ankle, and knee pain and improve your balance and foot function.

I have foot pain, does that mean I need an orthotic?

No, not necessarily.  We will assess your foot pain including a thorough history of your complaint and a biomechanical assessment.  If we feel orthotics will benefit you then they will be part of your overall treatment plan which may also include a home exercise program, footwear modifications, etc.  It's important to know that orthotics are incorporated as part of an overall treatment plan to resolve your foot health issue.

Orthotics can help alleviate pain and restore correct function in the following conditions:

  • Support you in the recovery of sporting injuries
  • Can prevent lower back pain and balance differences in leg length and function
  • Provide extra support for your movement when playing sports or exercising
  • Can assist with improvements in balance and mobility
  • Correct poor foot function and position to stop ailments from progressing and cause you more pain and discomfort
  • Ensure your footwear fits optimally and weight is dispersed correctly across your foot
  • Can assist children's feet in correctly developing in the correct position
  • Helps correct your posture and gait (walking style)
Plantar fasciitis inner sole

Prescription orthotics are just one of several effective methods of managing heel pain.

What type of orthotics might I need? 

Every foot is unique and that is why generic orthotics are a waste of your time and money.  Generic orthotics are made to fit everyone, but we see feet of all shapes and sizes and often hear that people have purchased orthotics from the supermarket with no benefit to them.  Which type of orthotic is right for you will depend on the following:

  • Are we trying to change the way your muscles and joints work?
  • Are we trying to offload a painful area on your foot?
  • What shoes will they be put in?
  • What activities are you doing in them?
  • Your budget

We offer several different types of orthotics:

  • Prefabricated
  • Semi-custom
  • Fully custom
  • Pressure offloading

Custom orthotics are a highly specialised product that can be covered by Private Health insurance depending on your level of cover.  We currently charge $380 for a pair of custom orthotics, plus an appointment for the bio-mechanical assessment and casting.  We do offer AfterPay as a payment option for this service.

Orthotics is an effective treatment for a wide range of issues, but they must be prescribed correctly or they can make your problem worse.  Let us confirm if orthotics are right for you.  Take control today by booking in online or call us today on (03) 9457 2336.

Remember to ask our Reception about our AfterPay service.

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