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Foot health / Diabetes assessments

Foot health / Diabetes assessments

A regular trip to your podiatrist could save your feet, don't risk it - book in today

Early recognition of potentially serious foot health issues gives you the best chance of curing them before they become a serious problem - the earlier you find them, the better.  You should book in and see an experienced Podiatrist if you have diabetes because:

  • Diabetes can lead to nerve damage and loss of sensation
  • You can develop foot deformities
  • There can be changes to your arteries leading to decreased blood supply

At Bellevue Podiatry we have advanced assessment equipment to determine if you have had any of these changes.  Our podiatrists are experienced in the assessment, management, education and prevention of diabetes related foot pathologies.  

Diabetes assessment melbourne

Regular checks could save your feet, book in now to have yours checked today.

A diabetes assessment includes:

  • A general health questionnaire
  • Diabetes control and effects on your overall health
  • Vascular supply including a doppler assessment, ankle brachial index and toe pressure reading, giving us a better understanding of the blood supply to your feet
  • Protective sensation with a monofilament and vibration fork
  • Joint range of movement and deformities
  • Footwear assessment
  • Dermatological assessment

From this assessment we will be able to determine:

  • Ability to feel (for example - will you be able to feel a blister developing on your foot?)
  • Blood flow (if you have a cut on your foot is there enough blood there to help it heal?)
  • Any obvious changes to your foot structure (will a bunion rub on shoes?)

With this information we can provide you tips and strategies to prevent complications such as blisters, ulcers or wounds, joint deformities, infections and amputation - a very prudent investment for the cost and time of a 30 minute consultation.

Diabetes assessment rosanna

Our podiatrist checking someone’s blood flow with a Doppler

Know your risk - a short 30 minute consult could save your feet.  Book in today to see one of our experienced Podiatrists, call us on (03) 9457 2336 or book online.

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