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We stock a complete range of CAM Boot and professionally fit them for you - get the right Walker for you today!

At Bellevue Podiatry, our CAM Walker boots immobilise the foot and ankle to reduce discomfort and swelling, which ultimately contributes to a more expedient recovery after an injury or surgical procedure. Our CAM Walker boot has a rocker sole, which provides additional comfort and makes it easier to walk. It also has a non-slip sole, which prevents slips and provides additional security with each step.

Our Walking boot is designed for a wide variety of foot health issues, such as a sprained ankle, lower leg injuries, recovery from surgery on the Achilles tendon, or broken ankle or foot bones as some examples. They provide the much needed support and immobilisation for the foot & ankle for these conditions. One of our podaitry CAM boots is an excellent choice for patients suffering from conditions that call for support and immobilisation to speed up the healing process.

Because of the Velcro closures on our CAM Walker boot, they are able to provide a more customised fit and accommodate changes in foot or ankle swelling that may occur after an injury. The metal interlocker contributes to the shoe’s increased strength and durability, while the moisture-wicking, breathable liner and the medical-grade foam foot bed contribute to the shoe’s increased comfort.

CAM Walkers will provide support for the foot and ankle during ambulation and immobilising the ankle joint.

We educate you on using your CAM Boot so you get the most benefit when wearing it

When you come in to get fitted for your CAM Walker boot, we will provide you with an in-depth education session so that you can be confident you have a boot properly fitted, will use it appropriately and derive the full benefit and recovery from it.  For example, we strongly recommend that you wear a shoe with a heel height that is comparable to that of the boot on the other foot.  This is due to the fact that the heel of the Air Walker / CAM Walkers is relatively thick. It is common for people to experience some hip and back pain after walking lopsidedly for a period of several weeks.

A smart health investment to ensure that you are getting the CAM Walkers Boot set up correctly for your foot & ankle and circumstances so that you can get the most benefit out of wearing it, our professional podiatry fitting appointment for our CAM Walker Boots costs $189, and education about how to use the boots is provided.

Questions we often get asked about wearing your CAM Walker Boot / Moon Boots

Do I need a walking boot? Can I wear joggers or comfortable shoes instead?

If a moon boot device has been recommended for you in an appointment by your Podiatrist or Doctor, your injury or fractures are serious.  To achieve the best foot & ankle health results and lower the chance of any long-term injuries consequences, we must be extremely cautious about how your foot or ankle injury heals.  

If you have been prescribed CAM Walkers, we strongly advise that you keep it on as directed by your podiatry professional until they indicate it is okay for you to remove it (when sufficient healing has occurred and your foot & ankle health is clearly coming back and making good progress).

Should I therefore try to avoid walking as much as possible while donning the CAM Walker?

No, surprisingly.  To preserve the best conditions for your fractures or injuries recuperation, we must offload in the wounded foot or ankle area while still ensuring that the feet and legs receive correct blood flow while wearing the CAM boot device (and may also employ the use of crutches for further support and safety for your injuries while they heal).

How long do I need to use the moon boot to restore my lower limb health?

The length of time you should wear the boot depends entirely on the severity of your injury, which will most likely be determined by x-ray or ultrasound, so ask your podiatry specialist for specific foot health instructions.  From two weeks to two months could be as long as patients need to be wearing CAM Walker Boot to support their foot & leg movement.  We can convert to an alternative offloading technique, such as using orthotics and footwear, or possibly crutches in some situations, once enough healing and repair has taken place for you to safely stop wearing CAM Boots.

Should I take time off of work while I'm in the CAM Brace?

If you work as a postman or in a services industry where you are constantly on your feet, most likely take off your CAM boot during the day for a brief period.  However, most likely not if you have a job that allows you to sit down for the majority of the day.  What you do, what your job entails, how much pain you’re in, and whether or not that discomfort interferes with your injury and capacity to work all rely on what you do.

Will a CAM Walker boot change the way I walk?

In a word, yes.  As with any moon boots that significantly offloads one foot & ankle, moon boots will take some getting accustomed to and feel very different.  However, this is to be expected.  It will be necessary for your fractures or injuries recuperation for your other foot and leg to bear additional weight and pressure for a short while.

Is it okay for me to sleep in my CAM Walker?

It is advised to sleep in the CAM Brace Boot to promote proper healing and prevent injuries symptom aggravation.  Since sleep takes up about a third of our waking hours, it is crucial to control ankle range of motion during this period of time. 

Furthermore, because we move a lot when we sleep, the boot will help prevent any ankle twisting that can exacerbate pain or swelling.  Even though sleeping in the Boot Walker may seem a little awkward, using pillows and practising proper sleep hygiene will help you have a restful night’s sleep and fast track your injuries recuperation.  Your Podiatrist might occasionally advise against sleeping with the Walkers boot on; however, it is highly recommended that this is not a decision that should be made on your own.

Is it okay to wear my Moon Boot in the shower?

In the end, this will rely on your rules and ability to bear weight with the CAM Brace / Moon Boot CAM Walkers.  Both keeping the CAM Boots dry and preventing early wetness at the surgical sites following surgery are crucial.  Wipes or a plastic cover work well if you have to wear the CAM Walker Boot all the time.  The advice is to take precautions and use CAM supports if available if your Podiatrist or specialist says you can remove it for showers.

What should I do if my boot doesn't feel like it is properly fitted on my leg and foot any more?

It’s crucial to get in touch with your Podiatrist to make sure your boot has been fitted correctly if the boot feels excessively tight or loose on your foot or ankle.  An improperly fitted CAM brace can hinder the injured tissue’s ability to heal, which could result in worse outcomes or more pain and swelling. 

Furthermore, pressure injuries or skin irritation may arise from an overly tight CAM Brace Boot, potentially leading to additional complications.  Please get in touch with your treating Podiatrist if your skin starts to become red, itchy, or sore anywhere on your foot, ankle or lower leg.

When bearing weight, the height of the CAM Brace Boot may have an effect on how you distribute your weight.  This could begin to affect your back and hips and having correct posture.  For the unaffected limb, it is advised to wear thick-soled shoes in order to balance out any disparities in length.

We stock a complete range of CAM walkers and Moon Boots so you know that we have your walker / ankle brace size in stock.  Call us today on (03) 9457 2336 or schedule a podiatry boot fitting appointment online today for a walker fitting.  We will ensure the right size and fit and provide you with professional advice on wearing the CAM boot.

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