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Welcome to Bellevue Podiatry Clinic.
Our expert podiatry team is here to help you with all your lower limb & foot health conditions so you can live a more active, enjoyable & pain free lifestyle on your own terms.

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There’s no doubt that lower limb health conditions can impact your overall well-being.  Constant pain, muscle joint injuries, tension or aching can take its toll on your overall physical and mental health – but it doesn’t have to be this way, our podiatry clinic can help with expert and tailored care.

Bellevue Podiatry‘s team have the experience and qualifications to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.  We combine exceptional care and the latest research with modern technology and evidence-based treatments.  

We can successfully manage your foot complaints & conditions, from the minor to the serious, to ensure that you can begin the process of feeling your best once again.

We offer a range of cutting-edge podiatry foot & ankle health solutions at our foot clinic for conditions such as fungus nail, ingrown toenail surgery, foot pain, children podiatry, orthotics, shockwave therapy pain treatment and toenail restoration (click on the below foot care images to learn more about just some of the services we offer to our clients).

Read Below About The Experience Our Podiatry Customers Have With Our Team Of Melbourne Podiatrists

Fabio Ciacchi
Fabio Ciacchi
Nicole was very caring and understanding. She had a very good bedside manner and explained the options and future plans for action in a very professional and helpful way.
Jason Hsieh
Jason Hsieh
I took my daughter to see Nicole as she has been having foot pain for a few months. Nicole was amazing and very thorough and patient with kid. Highly recommended.
G Kelland
G Kelland
Many thanks to Dr. Michael and Dr. Nicole for their high level of care and professionalism during my recent visit to Bellevue Podiatry. I can thoroughly recommend them.
Asburn D'cunha
Asburn D'cunha
I had a very positive experience during my recent visit at Bellevue Podiatry Rosanna . Dr. Michael and Dr. Nicole showed high level of professionalism, expertise, and genuine care. I couldn't be more satisfied with the level of care I received.
Thank you Robert for your outstanding care. Very efficient and caring treatment. Thanks goes to Liz in front desk she is the most sweetest person I ever met. I do recommend strongly to book your appointment with Bellevue Podiatry. Robert Garrenstroom and other team members will take good care of you. 👍🏼🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Uschi Waters
Uschi Waters
I really appreciated the gentleness of fixing my ingrown toenail, and removing all the other blemishes. I cannot recommend Nicole highly enough.
Rebecca White
Rebecca White
We saw Michael the podiatrist and he was amazing. Great with kids and very knowledgeable and he cleaned up and fixed my sons infected toe nail. Would highly recommend.
Natalia Gonzalez
Natalia Gonzalez
Not only do they have the best service. They’re honest and know what they’re doing. I couldn’t ask for a better Podiatrist.
Mary Skondras
Mary Skondras
Thank you to Nicole & Robert for their amazing service and care and for the best podiatry service I’ve ever had. Highly highly recommend!
Natasha Ghorbani-Andriopoulos
Natasha Ghorbani-Andriopoulos
Wouldn’t trust anyone else with my feet, Nicole is the best!

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When it comes to seeing podiatrists or foot doctors, you want to make sure that the services and foot & nail care you’re getting for your pain or health condtions are right for you.  At Bellevue Podiatry, we are proud to offer leading feet & ankle therapies for all of our clients, from children through to seniors, from casual exercisers to sports athletes, taking the time to diagnose and treat the pain, problem or conditions so you can see fast, long-term results.

There are a number of reasons why we stand out from the other podiatry clinics, such as:

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If you are not quite ready to go ahead and book a podiatrist consultation right now, perhaps you have some foot or ankle related questions and think it would be good to talk to someone from the Bellevue Podiatry team first about your foot health conditions so you can be 100% sure that we can help you, please click the button below and fill out the short form to schedule a call and our Podiatrists will answer all the questions you have over the phone, completely for free:

Our Podiatrists treat all foot pain & lower limb concerns
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At Bellevue Podiatry clinic, we have a team of passionate, committed and experienced podiatrists who use their expertise to provide unparalleled podiatry foot health care to our valued patients.  

No matter what foot health conditions, issue or injury you are experiencing, our professional podiatry staff take their time to guide you through the process of getting you back to your best again.  

If you’re around or near the Rosanna, IvanhoeHeidelbergPrestonWastoniaViewbank or Northcote areas in the north east Melbourne metro area, simply call us or book online today to book your first podiatry consultation and start your care towards path to a pain free life.

Make a booking today at our Podiatrists Clinic & get healthy feet again

Have you ever wondered if there is a local & experienced Podiatry near me that can effectively treat my foot pain or lower limb health issue in Melbourne?  Then we are here to help with our exceptional foot care and leading podiatry services.

Unhealthy or painful feet, ankles, and legs can reduce your mobility and quality of life.  Put an end to your foot pain, injury and foot health conditions by letting Bellevue podiatrists design a personalised care and podiatry services plan for you.  

Patients call our podiatry clinic today on (03) 4240 5231 or book online and take your first step towards a new & improved life.

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Our Clinic Mission Statement For Our Podiatry Patients

“At Bellevue Podiatry, our primary purpose is to treat each and everyone one of our clients with the thoughtful care and attention we would give to our own family members. 

We believe treating others as you would like to be treated creates a positive and productive healing environment that greatly benefits our clients as we restore their feet and ankles back to full foot health and pain free movement.


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