Corns and calluses

Corns and calluses

Do you have a painful corn on your foot that is causing you discomfort when you walk? 

Callus and corns are usually a sign that there is too much pressure going through that area of the foot.  If you have callus on the top of your toes its usually a sign that your shoes are too shallow.  If you have callus under the big toe joint, this usually indicates that this joint is not working effectively when you are walking and is being overloaded.

We always treat the underlying cause first

We can remove a corn or callus with sharp debridement using a scalpel but if we don't address the underlying reason you got it in the first place, it is likely to return.  During your visit we will remove the corn or callus using a scalpel which is usually a painless procedure (some corns have a nerve at the base and can cause some discomfort during removal) and we will then determine the cause of your corn and try and address it.  For example, if your shoes are too shallow we may recommend appropriate shoes to purchase or if you have callus under your foot we may use padding to deflect the pressure.

We recommend you avoid using corn pads

Some corn pads that you can purchase over the counter include salicyclic acid, which is caustic and can lead to damage of the healthy skin surrounding the corn.  This is particularly dangerous over bony prominences like toes.

Do your corns make it difficult to wear shoes and enjoy walking?  Take control today by booking in online or call (03) 9457 2336 to see one of our podiatrists and get rid of your corns and calluses once and for all.